Environmental Media Association

May 31st, 2018 by


One of the most effective ways to promote environmentalism in mainstream culture is to popularize it through the entertainment industry. You’ll also learn a little more about the Los Angeles nonprofit scene and how you can get involved today to make the greater LA area — from North Hollywood to Glendale — a more vibrant, healthy, and safe community for our proud residents.

Environmental Media Association Mission

The Environmental Media Association seeks to create a more sustainable future by working at the intersection of the entertainment industry, entrepreneurship, and powerful marketing programs to energize people everywhere to live a more sustainable lifestyle and to protect the future of this planet. The organization accomplishes this very important goal through a variety of programs, including:

  • EMA IMPACT: This program works with entrepreneurs and the Fortune 500 to craft sustainable economic growth and high-impact startups.
  • EMA Messaging: This division of EMA works with social media and advertising campaigns to spread awareness about the most important green solutions that society should know about.
  • EMA Green Seal: The EMA Green Seal program works with studios and production firms to help reduce the carbon footprint of major projects.
  • #GreenMySchool: This program educates children about sustainable eating and agriculture.

Environmental Media Awards

The EMAs serve as the “Green Standard” for the entertainment industry by honoring those individuals who have helped to increase the awareness of important environmental issues.

Los Angeles Nonprofits

At Toyota of Hollywood (which now has a Spanish-language site), an LAcarGUY dealership, we’re proud to support numerous Los Angeles nonprofits. If you’re interested in learning more about the nonprofits that serve our great city, be sure to take a look at organizations such as the Environmental Media Association, Hollywood Central Park project, and the Boys & Girls Clubs all around the region.

More on Green Initiatives

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    Back in November of 2010, Toyota of Hollywood and Toyota Santa Monica became the first dealerships to offer free electric car charging stations to the community. This focus on sustainable energy and green vehicles has been in our DNA for years, and we’re proud to have pioneered the free EV charging movement in Los Angeles….

  • LAcarGUY Honored at EMA Honors Gala

    Mike Sullivan and the LAcarGUY team are proud to have been honored with the EMA Corporate Responsibility Award, a prestigious award that Environmental Media Association gives to those individuals and organizations which have advanced the cause of environmental sustainability. Compare Prius Options Corporate Responsibility Award The Environmental Media Association Corporate Responsibility Award recognizes the achievements…

  • Helen Bernstein High School Garden Encourages Students to Dig in

    Toyota of Hollywood and LA Car Guy are committed to giving back to communities throughout West Hollywood, Burbank, and beyond, and the sponsorship of the Helen Bernstein High School Garden is just one of our latest efforts. Part of the #GreenMySchool initiative, this student and community garden space was recently visited by Canadian actress Rachelle…