Toyota 101 Service Tips

Our Toyota of Hollywood service department is your trusted source for car care in Hollywood. Want to know how long car batteries last, how much an oil change costs, or when you should schedule your next Toyota service appointment? We answer those questions and more with our Toyota 101 service tips. View our latest Toyota service specials and tips, and then schedule your Toyota of Hollywood Hollywood service.

Latest Toyota 101 Service Tips

  • How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

    The average car battery lasts between 2 and 5 years, depending on your local climate and how you care for your battery. In an ideal environment with no outside variables, a car battery could last for up to 6 years. Toyota Service Tips             What Affects Car Battery Life If…

  • How Do You Measure Tire Tread Depth?

    Use a tire tread depth gauge, if you have one handy, to see if your tire tread is between 10/32nds of an inch and 2/32nds of an inch. If you don’t have a tread depth gauge, insert a penny with Lincoln’s head down into your tire’s grooves — if you can see the top of Lincoln’s…

  • How Do You Change Your Windshield Wipers?

    Change your windshield wiper blades at home in five easy steps: Measure your blades, and buy replacement blades. Carefully raise the first wiper arm until it is perpendicular with the windshield. Press the plastic stopper holding the old blade in place, and unhook your old wiper blade. Insert your new wiper blade into the hook,…

  • How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?

    Conventional oil change prices using high-grade Genuine Toyota Motor Oil will range from $25 to $50. An oil change using Toyota’s superior Synthetic Motor Oil will cost between $45 and $70. Toyota Service Tips             Why Get An Oil Change at Toyota of Hollywood? We use motor oil optimized for…

  • Where Can I Find Toyota Prius Parts?

      We sell Genuine Toyota parts here at Toyota of Hollywood – Toyota Prius parts too. It is imperative to buy Toyota-certified parts, ones whose quality, efficacy, and safety are guaranteed, rather than settling on generic parts of questionable build. Toyota Service Tips           More on Toyota Prius Parts We don’t…

  • What is the Recommended Toyota Service Schedule?

    Toyota recommends you schedule service every six months, or every 5,000 miles – whichever comes first. Our recommended service intervals continue at twelve months, or 10,000 miles; eighteen months, or 15,000 miles; and so on. Toyota Service Tips                 More Toyota Service Info Regular service of your vehicle not…

Toyota Service Specials

Toyota Care Plus
Includes 30,000 Miles Major Service

See your service advisor for details.

Vehicle Exchange Program

Drive a new vehicle for the same or similar payment as your current vehicle. See service consultant for details. Toyotas only.

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