2017 Toyota Prius Safety in Hollywood, CA

2017 Toyota Prius Rear

It’s not only a groundbreaker in terms of eco-friendly performance, but the 2017 Toyota Prius is also a forerunner in the latest safety features that the automotive industry has to offer. From a suite of advanced safety technology to a design to protect you and your loved ones, this hatchback hybrid will keep you confident and moving forward. Read our detailed spread about the safety features below, and then come in to Toyota of Hollywood to put them to the test today!

Active Safety Features

Activating without your initiation, the active safety features of the new Toyota Prius monitor driving input and road conditions to prevent accidents when they’re avoidable.

  • Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control with TRAC: All four wheels are under watch with this system that checks for understeer, oversteer, and wheelslip to apply braking where it’s needed when it’s needed.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Make sure you’ve got air in the tires so you don’t experience a blowout on the highway. You’ll receive an alert when it’s time to check up and fill up the tires.
  • Hill Start Assist: Driving on an incline, you’ll always stay headed in the right direction. Whether you’re parked or stopped at a red light, this system automatically kicks in to make sure you’re always moving forward.
  • Anti-Lock Brake System with Brake Assist: We don’t always know when we have to slam on the brakes, which is why this system is so important. Keeping the brakes from locking up under pressure, you’ll come to a complete and short stop.

Passive Safety Design

Toyota prioritizes the protection of you and your loved ones. The newest Prius model was built to with features to cover passengers in the event of an impact to avoid injury when possible.

  • Ample Airbags: Front seat-mounted airbags, a passenger seat cushion airbag, a driver’s knee airbag, and front and rear curtain airbags deploy when needed to protect passengers if a big impact is detected.
  • Engine Immobilizer: The vehicle stays vigilant against theft, locking the engine when the correct key is not used to ignite the ignition.
  • Safety Connect: An automatic crash notification, stolen vehicle locater, roadside assistance, and emergency assistance systems combine to connect the appropriate services when needed.

Toyota Safety Sense-P Driver Assistance Technology

A comprehensive suite of advanced driver assistance technology monitors vehicles and the road around you to alert you and intervene when a fender bender might be about to happen.

  • Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection: When travelling on the road, the front end monitors for cars ahead of you to initiate alerts and braking if you come up on stopped or slower vehicles. Additionally, when traveling at low speeds, the vehicle looks for pedestrians entering your path to do the same.
  • Lane Departure Warning with Steering Assist: A camera keeps track of the lines that divide lanes and alerts you in the event of driver fatigue or distraction when you may drift from your lane. Steering torque can also be applied to guide you back.
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: Relax when you set your desired speed. An advanced radar system will brake the vehicle if you come up on traffic so that you’re not in danger of hitting the car ahead of you.
  • Automatic High Beams: On dark and dangerous roads, your high beams will automatically dim if an oncoming vehicle approaches so that everyone has the best visibility.
  • Intelligent Clearance Sonar: This system checks for objects or vehicles around you when you’re parking to avoid any bumps or dings with alerts and braking.

Safety Ratings

All of the aforementioned safety features have been put to the test, and government agencies stand behind the integrity of these systems to give you peace of mind.

  • NHTSA: The highest rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a 5 stars, and that’s precisely what the agency has awarded the 2017 Toyota Prius.
  • IIHS: This hybrid has reached a stellar achievement, as the IIHS has named it a 2017 Top Safety Pick+, meaning it’s one of the best equipped vehicles available on the market after going under crash tests.

The 2017 Toyota Prius is Here For Your Safe Commuting

Take the 2017 Toyota Prius on a test drive today to enjoy all it has to offer including its wealth of safety features. Meet us at Toyota of Hollywood, located at 6000 Hollywood Blvd, serving the greater Los Angeles area. You can reach us at (323) 300-5026 or contact us online to speak with a sales specialist about the specs of this hybrid today!